Masonry Restoration & Repointing

Mason Restoration

Why Re-point?

The longevity of brick or stone may well exceed 100 years. Unfortunately, a 25-year lifespan of a mortar joint is more typical, depending on exposure conditions and mortar materials used. Consequently, several cycles of inspections and possible repairs of mortar joints is to be expected over the life of the masonry.

It’s our observation that the most common reason for re-pointing masonry is to improve the resistance of water penetration. Cracked, debonded, or deteriorated mortar joints allows water entry into brickwork. Re-pointing is one of the most effective and permanent ways of prevention.

Dysfunctional joints, exposed to enough rain and snow, can cause damage to more that just the surrounding brick. Depending on location, a problem ignored over enough time can impact underlying studs, wall insulation and even interior drywall and flooring, with mold and wood rot. Do you see any cracks in your masonry joints? Don’t delay, call us today. Re-pointing shouldn’t be considered a luxury, it’s a necessity.